I offer one-on-one coaching to fiction writers around the world to help them reignite their creative spark and get back on-track.  These coaching packages are ideal for:

  • plot-driven writers whose characters feel more like distant cousins than lifelong friends
  • writers who struggle to stay on-task and finish what they've started
  • swamped writers who find that life constantly gets in the way of writing their stories

I'm not currently accepting new coaching clients, but if you'd like to know when spots become available, click here to sign up for Letters from the Burrow, my biweekly newsletter.  You'll be the first to hear about any openings!


"Victoria is well-read and understands the creative process – primarily that it’s not the same for every person. She adapts to my style while providing structure, support, humor, and momentum applicable to our sessions only, with personalized writing prompts and techniques for me."

Laura Ennis

"Victoria is passionate, warm, and encouraging while creatively crackin' the whip! My project is back on track and I have a realistic deadline I plan to meet, thanks to her! Sometimes a writer needs a person just like Victoria in your corner. I’m excited over the progress, productivity, and possibility my coach has helped usher into my writing process. She listens, helps you draw lines, and guides you back into relationship with your work. So happy to have found someone I can trust to help me."

Venice Kennedy

"I was struggling with my NaNoWriMo novel before my session with Victoria. In one session, she was able to listen to my fears and problems and give me plenty of suggestions to help steer me in the right direction. Afterwards, a lot of the issues I was having melted away as I was able to deal with them head-on. I completed my NaNoWriMo novel with several days to spare."