Creative Round Table: An interview With Vix From New Age Hipster!

Hello, beautiful writers! Welcome to another installment of the Creative Round Table, a gathering of wisdom, advice, and inspirational stories from some amazing creative souls. Today, we're talking to Vix from New Age Hipster about how to use Tarot cards for your writing, the presence of creativity in daily life, and why it's okay not to write every day!

Victoria: Vix, one of the things I love about your blog (New Age Hipster) and videos is your relatable and down-to-earth approach to Tarot. You make it incredibly fun, too! I ran out and bought my first deck recently after a marathon session of inhaling your blog and video content, because I just couldn’t resist. Is this something that developed over time for you, or have you felt a sense of ease with Tarot and oracle cards from the get-go?

Vix: I think the answer is a bit of both. I've always been into this woo woo stuff for as long as I can remember, I actually can't think of a time that I didn't know what Tarot was. I always feel like learning Tarot for me was more about remembering something I already knew. I've been reading cards for myself and for my friends for over ten years and over that time I have grown so much as a reader, and as a person which I think helps more than just reading Tarot books.

Oh, and major congratulations on getting your first deck! :D

Victoria: Thank you! :D I absolutely love it.

As well as building New Age Hipster into a full-time business, you’re also a fiction writer. Do these passions play well in the sandbox, or do they ever start to compete for time and attention?

Vix: Before I started my business full time I had a full time teaching job, was working on New Age Hipster stuff at nights and weekends and I still managed to finish my YA novel (watch this space!). But now that I'm doing the biz stuff full time I've really struggled to find time to do other things. I had this idea that I would be walking around the house all day in fluffy slippers taking a few calls for readings and writing best selling novels in between talking to clients. I've found out though that starting your own business is way more time consuming than I could have ever imagined! My cards keep telling me I have to make time to write or else I'll go loopy, so I'm going to start listening!

Victoria: What rituals have you developed around your writing process?

Vix: I usually call in some guides and angels to help me out! I often feel like when I'm writing it's not really me, but like I'm channelling something else. It's such a similar feeling to when I'm reading Tarot which I think is very cool. Oh yeah, and I need lots of decaf tea! :D

Victoria: Have you ever used Tarot cards to help you bust through writer’s block, develop characters, or explore plot possibilities?

Vix: Absolutely! I would recommend all writers get a Tarot deck. You've got a bunch of archetypes in there for character development, loads of situations, emotions, symbolism, everything. You can just pull out cards and make up a story, pull one card to see what should happen next, or really get inside your character's heads by doing a full reading for one of them! What's in their subconscious? What energy is coming in for them? What are they aware of and not aware of? It's way more fun than a regular old character profile!

Victoria: If a writer wanted to incorporate certain crystals or scents into their writing routine, or call on someone for guidance, what and who would you suggest as starting points? Do you have any personal favourites?

Vix: Crystals kind of depends for me on what I'm writing. The YA novel I'm working on right now has a bit of a heartbreak theme so rose quartz is good for that. When I'm working on some Tween Fic I prefer to have some citrine or super happy stones around! I'm a huge fan of lavender for scents. It helps keep my head clear and keeps me calm too! And Archangel Gabriel for the win! She's (some people see her as a he, which is totally cool too) awesome for helping deliver and receive messages through the written word! All you really have to do is just say - Archangel Gabriel, thanks for being with me as I write today. Simples!

Victoria: What does creativity mean to you? What forms of creativity are present in your everyday life?

Vix: Oh I love this question! I always talk to my clients about creativity and so many people say to me "I'm not creative". But if you are living your life you are creative! Living is the most creative thing you can do! Making food, getting dressed, writing emails, dying your hair, doodling, Instagramming, ordering your lunch, every time you make a choice you're creating your life. I love making vision boards because it's like mapping out the plot of your life, you know, as much as you can.

Victoria: On days where you're feeling drained of energy and inspiration, how do you deal with it? Do you march yourself to the blank page regardless? Do you settle in with a book and a cup of tea?

Vix: There are a lot of memes out there about how if you want to be a writer you have to write every single day, even if you don't want to. I think that's totally fine if you're on a deadline, but I really think that the best thing you can do is honour where you're at. If you hate everything you've written and want to cry, just cry. Don't delete it all, but let yourself feel how you feel. Turn off the computer and go read, or watch TV, or go shopping. I actually find that sometimes removing myself from the screen gives me more to write about, some awesome ideas just pour right into my head and it makes me come back to that blank page all shiny and new!

Victoria: In your weekly readings on YouTube, a theme that came up quite often for a while was to be present and seek joy. What are some ways that you reintroduce joy back into your creative process, either with your writing or with Tarot or both, when it starts to feel like a bit of a slog?

Vix: Remembering my why is super important, in writing and in business. If I'm not enjoying myself I take a step back, take an afternoon off if I can, or I just grab a piece of paper and write at the top "Why am I doing this?" and then I fill the page with a whole bunch of awesome reasons which usually have very little to do with money and fame!

Victoria: Bonus round: If you were to create a Tarot deck for writers, what would it look like? What would the illustration style be like? Would it be more realistic or fantastical? What kind of colour scheme would you use?

Vix: Ooh, such a cool question! It would have to be book themed, have Daisy Buchanan as the Queen of Cups and Jacob from Twilight as the Knight of Pentacles on a motorcycle! Let's make it a little hipster with some quirky illustration and a few key words for some inspiration too! Hmmm, maybe when I find some more time I can make this happen?!

Victoria: Ooooh, yes please!

Vix is an intuitive Tarot + Angel Card Reader certified by Doreen Virtue, Headmistress of Woo Woo School and the creator of New Age Hipster. Sent here on a divine mission to kick open the musty old spiritual wardrobe, Vix is all about bringing the new age into the now by making spirituality accessible to whoever wants in! Vix is an ex-high school and special ed teacher, has written a tween and a YA novel and enjoys drinking tea, making Pinterest vision boards, eating Pizza and watching 80's movies on Netflix.

To find out more about Vix, make sure to check out her website, YouTube channel, and Instagram!