Vive la Writing! Workshop

Note: This workshop has already aired, but you can still watch the replay below, as well as download the accompanying worksheets and calendar pages.

There's power in the turning of a calendar page, in shifting from the old year to the new.  Everything feels fresh and exciting, like our dreams are just over the horizon and, if we tippy toe quietly to the edge, we might just catch them.

Sadly, come the new year, we often have the best of intentions but can't quite seem to pull it off.  And then, after a few months of scrambling this way and that, we spiral into despair, wondering if we're ever going to be able to go after our writing dreams the way we want to.

This year, it's going to be different.  This year, you're going to revolutionize your writing life, setting yourself up for success right off the bat, and I'm going to show you how to do it in six clear stages.

In this free workshop, we cover strategies to help you:

  • create a sacred space for your writing endeavours
  • make the most of your time
  • build a creative support network
  • cultivate a writing practice to refresh and add to your writer's toolbox
  • craft a roadmap to move forward with your current project
  • assess what's working and what's not, now and in the future, to keep you from getting stalled

Are you ready?  Pick up whatever you need through the download links below, and then you're ready to press play on the video!

Free Downloads

Click here to download a blank calendar page you can use as a template.
Click here to download the worksheet in PDF form.
Click here to download the worksheet in Microsoft Word form.
Click here to download the slides from the workshop.

Resources Mentioned

Several resources came up during the course of the workshop, so some have been included here for ease of reference.

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