Create an Epic Character Foundation

Create an Epic Character Foundation: a FREE email course, delivered over two weeks and six lessons (plus bonuses!), from @victorialynnfry (  Click through to find out more, and sign up for a course that will help you develop characters who are so fully formed, they live beyond the confines of the story and linger in readers' minds for weeks.  (And did I mention how much fun you'll have with these strategies? ^_~ )

When you think back on your favourite books, what springs to mind?

For me, it's the characters.  People like Henry and Clare, Nymphadora Tonks, and Magwitch live large in my mind long after I've read the final words of the final page.

I used to despair of ever writing characters who were so fully formed they lived beyond the confines of the story.  It wasn't until I started to view my characters like real people, with hopes, food allergies, and favourite coffee shops, that things began to change.

Over the years, I developed strategies to get to know my characters from the inside out.  I sidestepped lengthy questionnaires asking me to describe their hair colour and shoe size, instead favouring deceptively simple (but fun) questions that helped me discover who these characters really were, not who I wanted them to be, and they told way more interesting stories.

My name's Victoria Fry, and I'm here to help you build a truly epic character foundation.  Just click the daring orange button to get the ball rolling!

What is this, exactly?

It's a free email course, delivered to your inbox every day for almost two weeks.  You'll receive lessons (ten in all), examples (from books, movies, video games and more), and assignments to help you get to know your character from the inside out.

What will  I have at the end?

A full-bodied knowledge of your character you can refer back to when you're:

  • outlining your story
  • struggling with writer's block
  • figuring out how a new character fits in
  • trying to throw your character for a loop
  • brainstorming scene ideas

I already know my main character pretty well ...

No worries!  This process works equally well for the antagonist, love interest, you name it!  You can apply it to characters in different genres, too.

Do I get anything else for signing up for this free email course?

Yes!  Not only do you have the course materials forever and ever (or until a virus wipes out all your emails - eek! - in which case let me know and I'll resend them!), you'll also get access to:

  • significant course revisions and additions
  • Letters from the Burrow, biweekly writing tips, inspiration, and resource round-ups