Creativity Planner Printables

Organization is often not the death of creativity, but instead a massive boon. What that organization looks like, however, is different for everyone! The growing collection of printables on this page have been designed with creative souls in mind, so that you can plan your days, organize your thoughts, and dream bigger than ever.

I'm happy to help if you have any questions, so please don't hesitate to ask! You can send me an email at or get in touch through my shop, A Cuppa Cosy.

Now, let's have a look at these printables, shall we?

Printable Note Pages

However you organize writing notes, it's no secret that they cover a lot of ground: scene ideas, research notes, worldbuilding, character sheets, lists of magnificent words to weave into your vocabulary, and many more. These blank page sets offer a variety of layouts, both lined and unlined, so you can create the writing notebook of your dreams!

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Three minimalist border designs feature in this monochrome set of blank note paper A pink gingham border design and pink lines and pastel pink colour blocks feature in this set of blank pages

Blue lines and soft blue colour blocks feature in this set of blank pages Purple lines and soft purple colour blocks feature in this set of note paper

Printable Lined Paper

For something simpler that still allows customization and flexibility, these lined paper printables come in seven different widths, four page sizes, and 10 line colours. The line widths of the printables are:

  • 2 cm / 20 mm
  • 1.4 cm / 14 mm
  • 1 cm / 10 mm
  • wide ruled / 8.7 mm
  • college ruled / 7.1 mm
  • narrow ruled / 6.4 mm
  • 0.5 cm / 5 mm

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Two sample pages, one with wider colourful lines and the other with narrower black lines, feature in this cover image for a set of printable lined paper Samples of lines in different colours to show what's in a set of printable lined paper

Printable Editable Calendars - Dated

If you have a fondness for decorative calendars but need to prioritize space for writing things down, these calendars are a lovely blend of style and function. You can fill them out on your computer or by hand, and there's plenty of space on the side for notes, planning, and other priorities. As well as offering both a Monday and Sunday start, there are calendar versions with space for one or two note-taking areas.

You could use these note-taking spots for things like:

  • keeping track of tasks for two different creative projects
  • balancing daily life goals alongside writing to-dos
  • notes about your upcoming book launch
  • a To-Be-Read list

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Whimsical berry design on a dated monthly calendar Gingham design on a dated monthly calendar

Minimalist black-and-white design on a dated monthly calendar Minimalist black-and-white design on a dated bimonthly calendar

Printable Editable Calendars - Undated

The same designs as the dated calendars above, but these ones are completely undated, which means they can be purchased once and used for years to come! They also come with both Sunday and Monday starts, as well as a completely blank version, in case you'd prefer to fill them out in a language other than English.

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An undated monthly calendar with a gingham design. An undated monthly calendar with a minimalist black-and-white design.

An undated monthly calendar with a sweetly whimsical berry design. Three different designs on an undated monthly calendar bundle

Printable Habit & Mood Trackers

If you're trying to build consistency with a habit, a daily check-in is a wonderful way to stay motivated. These trackers give the added bonus of seeing nature spring forth on the page as you colour in the leaves or flowers throughout the month!

Some daily creative habits you could track might be:

  • pages/words written or revised
  • reading for pleasure
  • a few minutes observing the world around you
  • journalling
  • responding to writing prompts & exercises
  • exploring a new hobby

Mood trackers also come along with the printable set - if this is a self-care practice you'd like to try, perhaps this is the perfect time!

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A floral habit and mood tracker, with both a hydrangea and petunia design. A habit and mood tracker, with both a poplar and oak leaf design.