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Welcome to Something Delicious!

Something Delicious brings writing advice to the table, served up fresh for you as dishes you can nibble or savour.  My posts make for scrumptious leftovers: read them once and come back to them a few months later, and you'll discover something new, a flavour you hadn't noticed before, that you can't wait to incorporate into your writing.

When you do, you'll remember that:

  • Writing is fun
  • Writing is what you love to do
  • Writing doesn't have to be stressful
  • You can forge ahead even when it is stressful
  • Being creative is a gift we give ourselves

And if you forget any or all of those things?  I've been there - I still go there, some days - and I will be here to remind you of what you've forgotten, to encourage you to step back on your writing path, to write the stories only you can write.

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If you're unsure where to begin, here's a quick list of the posts that people enjoy the most:

What do I do?

My name is Tori Fry, and I spark burnt-out writers back to life with nifty tools, encouragement, and creativity starters here on Something Delicious and in Letters from the Acorn Den, my virtual letters to kindred writing spirits.

I've created a free course, Create an Epic Character Foundation, for you to take your character development skills to the next level.

Where else have I ventured?

I'm honoured to have been featured in some wonderful places, including:

Over the years, I've also written my own monologue for an audition, helped adapt Dead Poets Society for the stage, and written a regular column reviewing The Young and the Restless for SparkLife (an offshoot of SparkNotes, the study aid).

My Commitment to a Better World

I promise to keep learning, listening, and contributing to a kinder, more respectful and equitable world - a lifelong journey.

As well as the internal work of understanding my own privilege and the way I've benefited from it, this promise includes backing up these words with actions like working to make Something Delicious more accessible, replacing certain phrases in my vocabulary with ones I've learned to be more respectful alternatives (and eradicating some altogether), and supporting creations and initiatives by lesser heard voices.

Here's to a more loving, respectful, and inclusive creative landscape, and a world where white supremacy and the systemic oppression it upholds no longer have a foothold! 💕