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Welcome to Something Delicious!

As you approach the cozy dwelling, the wooden goldenrod door swings open, and a woman greets you with a broad smile. Dressed mostly in black and grey, with a few accessories in plum and turquoise, she beckons you inside.

Hello! I'm Tori, and it's wonderful to meet you.

I'm a romance writer, printable designer, and lover of all things cosy. After years spent tussling with perfectionism, over-analysis, pessimism, and self-doubt, with nary a creative project in sight, a series of breakthroughs shifted the balance, and I began to create again. Lovingly. Fiercely. Joyfully.

Creating is now an ever-present part of my life, things like:

  • a newsy email to an old friend
  • an outline for my first novella
  • a cosy nest for reading the end of an Agatha Christie mystery
  • a freeform collection of thoughts about snow
  • a sourdough starter named Lucy
  • a scene which makes me giggle
  • a quilted table runner for my mum

As someone who struggles with worry, stress, and regret more than I'd often like to admit, one of the greatest tools at my disposal is living as passionately and vividly as possible, and embracing creativity in its many forms is a massive piece of that puzzle.

We don't all have to write the World's Most Amazing Novel or operate a World Renowned Restaurant to feel creatively fulfilled. We get to define that for ourselves, and that's one of the greatest gifts we could ever offer our beautiful souls.

And so, as I navigate this path and unearth its treasures, many of my experiments and strategies and musings find their way here, to help you find your way!

Does this appeal to you?

If you're a storyteller who wants to:

  • define a creative life for yourself
  • figure out how to start, and finish, creative projects you love
  • enhance the joy in little everyday moments
  • take inspiration from all that you love
  • nurture a sustainable, flexible creative practice

Then you've tumbled along the right garden path!

Rather than strict instructions to follow by rote, Something Delicious brings to the table ideas and advice for living creatively, served up fresh for you as dishes you can nibble or savour. My posts make for scrumptious leftovers: read them once and come back to them a few months later, and you'll discover something new to add to your recipe box of writing techniques, a flavour you hadn't noticed before, just right for your latest creative project or addressing what's on your mind that day.

So, creative soul, are you ready to dive in? Let's wander a little further along the path ...

Popular Posts

Have a little explore! You'll find everything from a less technical, more imaginative way to worldbuild a planet, to the creative epiphanies I experienced through decluttering (this was one of those breakthroughs from earlier).

If you're still unsure where to begin, here are some of my other popular posts:

What else do I offer?

A free course, Create an Epic Character Foundation, for you to take your character development skills to the next level.

Printables for organization, gifting, and other everyday delights through A Cuppa Cosy.

Where else have I ventured?

I'm honoured to have been featured in some wonderful places, including:

  • The Writer, December 2013 and January 2017 issues: "How writing cyclically saved a writer's creativity"
  • Writerology: "Retreading the Beginner's Path as a Writer"

In the past, I've also written my own monologue for an audition, helped adapt Dead Poets Society for the stage, and written a regular column reviewing The Young and the Restless.

A Few Tidbits

I'm currently listening to ... the soundtrack for The Emperor's Club

I'm currently watching ... My So-Called Life

I'm currently making ... gluten-free gingerbread cookies

I'm currently playing ... Fall Guys

I'm currently writing ... a cowritten contemporary novella with my marvellous mum