Writing Prompts for Characters: A Free Course

Were you looking for the character development workbook? It's no longer available for sale, but you'll find all of the content for free in Create an Epic Character Foundation, a self-guided email course! You can sign up for the course through the link above or the form below.

If you're unsure what's involved, allow me to share a little about it!

When writing a novel (or a story of any kind), it's easy to find ourselves swept up in the grandeur of it all: dramatic plot twists, diabolical antagonists, dazzling settings.

And yet, when it comes to writing a memorable, gripping story, many other tools in our writing toolbox come in handy, as well.

In creating characters, one of the things I've found most striking is that everyday, concrete details about a character's past and present are as important as thorough psychological profiles.

Within this free course, we'll focus on exactly that, and explore:

  • who most strongly influences the character
  • whether and how the character believes in something grander than themselves
  • the places which hold emotional entanglements for the character

And so much more, including what to do with all this information once you have it!

Get your pen and paper ready.  It's time to build a truly epic character foundation.

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