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My Writing Toolkit: The First Adventure

Welcome to the first installment of My Writing Toolkit, where I share my efforts to strengthen and galvanize my writing, including real samples of my own rough drafts – both before and after! These adventures, for the foreseeable future, are largely intended to improve the quality of my prose rather than focus on big-picture, structural issues.

Why do this on a rough draft, when some of this may change or vanish altogether in future drafts? Why not just wait until later?

Three reasons!

How to Rewrite a Novel: 6 Starter Steps

In the process of writing a novel, there's a lot of excitement (and dread) around getting to the editing stage, but not every writer realizes there's potentially another stage along the way: rewriting.

While not every novel needs a full rewrite, many do, especially earlier on in a writer's career or when they're venturing down a new creative path.

So what exactly does this process involve, and how do you know whether to embark on rewriting a story?

4 Ways to Cut Fluff and Boost Conflict in Your Writing

G'day, chickadees! I'm so excited to welcome Abria Mattina to our cozy corner of the internet. Let's pull up a chair and see what she has to say about cutting the fluff from our writing, shall we?

Writing fluffy prose is a lot like wandering around an empty parking lot at 3 a.m. It’s pointless and often makes you feel stuck. It’s unnecessary padding; an authorial whim that adds words without adding value to the reader’s experience of the story. Fluff must die.