Why It's Beneficial for Writers to Get Organized

When I was growing up, the visions of writers floating around in my mind were full of glorious chaos. They wrote notes on whatever paper/napkin/skin/piece of furniture was handy, had a pen in every room except the one they were in at the time, and were surrounded by precarious stacks of books.

As I got a little older and became a writer myself, I realized that … well … it’s not necessarily that far off from the truth. We’re a little more careful with our books, precious goods such as they are, but for many writers, chaos feels inextricably linked with creativity.

4 Ways to Cut Fluff and Boost Conflict in Your Writing

G'day, chickadees! I'm so excited to welcome Abria Mattina to our cozy corner of the internet. Let's pull up a chair and see what she has to say about cutting the fluff from our writing, shall we?

Writing fluffy prose is a lot like wandering around an empty parking lot at 3 a.m. It’s pointless and often makes you feel stuck. It’s unnecessary padding; an authorial whim that adds words without adding value to the reader’s experience of the story. Fluff must die.

Creative Round Table: An interview With Kristen A. Kieffer From Well-Storied!

Hello, beautiful writers! Welcome to another installment of the Creative Round Table, a gathering of wisdom, advice, and inspirational stories from some amazing creative souls. Today, we're talking to Kristen Kieffer from Well-Storied about developing your creative focus, what it takes to write a spectacular novel, and why her dream book club involves a dollop of snark!

Kristen: Victoria, thank you again for having me! It’s such a pleasure to drop by your blog. I can’t wait to get started!

Victoria: Thank you for coming, Kristen! It's a delight to have you here for a scrumptious cup of tea and a chat about writing.

You’re one of my favourite examples of why you don’t need to complete a university degree to be fulfilled and successful. How do you find your skills and habits as a self-directed learner play into your writing life?

Discover Your Character's VIPs

This is the final post in a three-part series on creating a character from scratch. In this series, I cover one step per post, to give you a sense of why I think it’s important, how I figure it out for my own characters, and various tips and tricks to help you on your own way.

We’ve talked already about naming a character and honing in on their physicality. Now it’s time to talk about who is most important to them.

Let’s call these people your character’s VIPs.